Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Travel Souvenirs

If you travel for business or even if you are taking a vacation that does not include your preschooler, it is likely that you think about bringing home a gift for your child. Make it a book. If you can find a book about the place you visited, so much the better. (In fact, you can even purchase it ahead of time . . . ) And while you are away, pick up a postcard of your travel destination to use as a bookmark at home. Bringing home a book sends your child the message that you thought about him while you were away. It also communicates to him that you consider the giving of a book to be a loving gesture.


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  3. These are all really great tips! Great to find you on voiceboks:)

  4. Madeline,
    So great to come across this blog. You give such practical ideas, especially for reading with little ones. Definitely a blog to follow. :-)

  5. What a great idea! My kids always loved to read when they were little, and that has continued even now that they are in college!

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    My hubby and I always bring our {almost} four year old a postcard back from where ever we go. She loves it. It gives her a chance to see the places we have been and then when we talk about it she a picture to go with the story.

  9. I think that buying a book on a vacation is a great idea! I love reading with my little man. It's a great bonding experience and I think he learns a lot!

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