Monday, June 27, 2011

Road Trip!

Are you planning to take family trip by car? Before you leave, stop at your public library and check out some audio books. The children's librarian may have suggestions for you. You might choose books that you know your young child enjoys and give her the opportunity to hear the story read by another person. Or try to find other books by her favorite authors. Or discover some completely new books. Audio books can make a long car trip into a pleasant journey for all!


  1. Excellent advice! We remember to do this sometimes too.

    One time I checked out a collection of Robert Munsch stories told by Robert Munsch. He has lots of sound effects and audience participation. We listened to it a lot. I know Dad was a little tired of it, but it kept our kids quiet and happy.

    I tried Hachet by Gary Paulsen last year. It was a little too advanced for my kids. My advice is to keep audio books of the light and easy to follow nature for young children.

  2. Absolutely! But whatever works to keep children engaged is great.

  3. We love audio books! My girls listened to the American Girl stories on our last road trip.
    Making my way thro e-mails and posts from the blogoversay ... this 'after party' could take a while ;)
    Much love to you and a very happy Weekend!

  4. I am in such awe that I never thought of this. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. :)


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