Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I am Reading Next

The next book on the very the top of my nightstand book stack is Book Love by Melissa Taylor.  It will be published next month, but is already available if you have a Kindle. Check out the link to Amazon at the bottom of this post. Here is a description of the book.

In Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader award-winning educator and parent Melissa Taylor gives busy parents of kids ages three to ten engaging, playful, out-of-the box ideas for growing a reader, assisting kids who are learning to read, and gently encouraging reluctant readers. Just a few of the many helpful insights and strategies she shares include:
    The most common reasons why kids find it hard to learn to read or may hate to read (too boring, too tricky, too blurry, too “sitty”)—and what to do about them
    Activities and product recommendations to facilitate letter recognition, rhyming, sight word skills, phonics, and fluency
    Approaches for improving word attack and reading comprehension
    Book lists organized by kids’ interests
    Printable sight word flashcards and word strategy bookmarks

Packed with practical, bite-sized ideas that get children reading and loving books, Book Love can be your go-to guide for reading help for kids.

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'm a huge fan of sight word flash cards! It's easy to come up with games and rewards to spice things up!


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There are all kinds of readers. Some—like my daughter and me—are never without a book to read for pleasure. Others—like my son—are careful, analytical, and curious readers who read primarily to seek information from the page.

No matter what kind of reader your child becomes, you can help him or her get started. After all, you are your child’s first teacher. And, best of all, you can have some fun in the process.

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