Monday, November 24, 2014

If the Book (Doesn't) Fit . . .

Sometimes text is way too long to hold your child’s interest. Or a book just doesn't grab your child.

You are the best judge of your child’s waning attention. Use your judgment. If you sense your child is losing interest, and you think the book has enough to merit to continue reading, you have some choices. 

You can tell rather than read the tale. 
You can skip some description. 
You can summarize a bit.
You can let your child narrate.

See where the pages take you . . . or just put the book down and find a better book for your child!  

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What I think . . .

There are all kinds of readers. Some—like my daughter and me—are never without a book to read for pleasure. Others—like my son—are careful, analytical, and curious readers who read primarily to seek information from the page.

No matter what kind of reader your child becomes, you can help him or her get started. After all, you are your child’s first teacher. And, best of all, you can have some fun in the process.

Please feel free to share your own ideas. Tell me about ways you've enjoyed reading with your child.

Madeline Boskey, Ph.D.