Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution to Read

As the year draws to a close, many of us begin to think about how we want to improve our lives in the coming year. I have two, related ideas for you. This year, make one of your resolutions to read more—whether books, e-readers, newspapers, magazines—for pleasure. Fiction or nonfiction? It doesn’t matter. Rediscover for yourself how rewarding it is to spend time with the written word. Second, make a commitment to read to your young child every day, even for a few minutes. Your renewed enthusiasm for reading will be contagious. It is a win-win situation. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Shopping?

If you still have gifts to buy for young children in your life, don’t forget to buy them books! And if people ask you what your own children need, tell them: books. No child can have too many books. As gifts, books are easy to wrap, inexpensive to ship, and can provide hours and hours of joy.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Post: Making a "Me" Book

I am thrilled to present my very first guest post. This post was written by Jamie Hurst DeLuna, PhD. She is the author of Avant Garde Parenting, a wonderful website, full of interesting, varied, and helpful information for parents of children of all ages.

I think you will enjoy this creative idea from Jamie, and find ways to make a meaningful "me" book with your child.

Please be sure to visit Jamie's site for more ideas about parenting!

Making a "Me" Book

Book sharing can be a joyous experience for parents and children. Choosing a favorite story and snuggling in after a bath can be the perfect ending to any day. But what if your child just isn’t into books? Here’s an idea that to help get even the most book-averse kiddo involved in the process–make a ‘Me’ book. Grab some paper and markers and help your child make a book all about himself! The key is to let your child be an active participant in making the book–let him choose the colors, what to draw, and even what to include. Here are some ideas for pages:

• Favorites: Include your child’s favorite colors, foods, and games.
• Facts about Me: Record your child’s height, eye color, hair color, etc.
• My Family: Include the members of your child’s family and extended family. (A family tree format could be fun!)
• Where I live: Record address, phone number, number of rooms in my house, number of trees in my yard, and so on.
• What I like to do: Include your child’s favorite activities, whether art, soccer, karate, or dance.

Update your ‘Me’ book annually, semiannually, or even monthly as your child grows and changes. I have an idea that this book will be one that your child wants to read with you day after day!

What I think . . .

There are all kinds of readers. Some—like my daughter and me—are never without a book to read for pleasure. Others—like my son—are careful, analytical, and curious readers who read primarily to seek information from the page.

No matter what kind of reader your child becomes, you can help him or her get started. After all, you are your child’s first teacher. And, best of all, you can have some fun in the process.

Please feel free to share your own ideas. Tell me about ways you've enjoyed reading with your child.

Madeline Boskey, Ph.D.