Thursday, October 14, 2010

Storybook Costumes Rock

Is your preschooler still searching for the right idea for a Halloween costume? Visit your book shelf or your public library for inspiration. I am a big fan of making or putting together elements to create a unique costume. And I don't think it needs to take hours of work, which most of us don't have time to put in. Let imagination reign. Who is her favorite book character? For example, if she has a tutu or can borrow one, being Angelina Ballerina is a snap. Let me know what other ideas you come up with and we can share them here.


  1. Great post! Brings back memories of hand-made customes during my reign at PS 87.

  2. i haven't thought of a suitable halloween costume for my 1 year old yet, hmmm..this gives me an idea...thanks for sharing..and thanks for the glad to return the favor...grabbing your badge next...

  3. Thanks! I look forward to finding out what you decide to do for a costume and to following your blog!

  4. I am a new follower, I found your website through mom's treehouse. Your blog is wonderful and your pictures are adorable!

  5. My husband does this with his 3rd grade class. They are supposed to bring a book to class that they can share, that goes along with their halloween costume. He loves to dress as a snowman and read them the book "Snowmen at Night." I can't think of any others right off hand, but his students love it!


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