Monday, February 28, 2011

A Resource You Should Know About

I wanted to let you know about a resource that I have recently learned about. It is called

It was started by Bola Ajumobi who is the mother of two boys under the age of five. Bola has a background in health care, and grew up surrounded by books. She has remained passionate about books and literacy. This site is the prefect blend of her passions for literacy and entrepreneurship.

Slimy is loaded with wonderful books, including many classics, for children of all ages. It also includes many resources for parents who might be dealing with a particular issue or problem that is related to child rearing.

Currently 20% of the profits go into funding literacy programs for the underserved. has an upcoming collaboration with the Center of Civic Engagement at Washington State University to provide books for children in the rural communities of Whitman County, Washington State. So you can feel good about shopping through this site.

Please visit this colorful site ( and peruse the wide range of titles. See the icon on the right side of my blog, under the About Me section. If you order books, be sure to type in the code MADFORREADING in the voucher box when you check out. By using that code, you will enjoy a 15% discount on your purchases.

Happy shopping!


  1. Hi there! With your permission, I'd love to cross post Slimy Bookeorm on my blog Love what you do!

  2. Wow! Great resource. Thanks for sharing this great information. I too would like to cross post this info on my blog. Let me know if you are okay with that. thanks.

    Nicole Weaver

  3. I love your blog! I remember sitting in my room being engrossed in Nancy Drew and many other wonderful books. I have been reading to my 13months old baby girl since she was in my belly and continue to read to her every single day. She loves to read. She loves to pull a book out of her book bin and hand it to me or her dad to read to her! Somedays we catch her with a book opened and she is just flipping through the pages and talking in jibbirish like she really knows what she is reading. It is so cute.

  4. Thanks for sharing that comment, ThaiHoa! I can just picture this. Enjoy your little girl and the good times you share, especially reading together!

  5. Very nice! I'll be looking here next time I'm thinking of purchasing books. I looked for your email to contact you but couldn't find it.
    I'd love it if you referenced my hubpage. I guess you could just use a link. Thanks for the kind words. Ditto on the class act comment for you! I love your concise helpful advice!


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