Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Share the Love

You probably knew about and maybe even observed Valentine's Day, that romantic February holiday. But did you know that February is also Library Lovers' Month? If you haven't visited your local public library lately, this is a wonderful time to do so. It is a perfect destination when the weather has kept you housebound. I know sometimes we forget what valuable resources our libraries offer–books, CDs, audio books, DVDs, readings, movie screenings, classes, and more. And if your library has a children's librarian, you are even more fortunate. He or she can help pick out appropriate books for your preschooler and tell you about programs that your child might enjoy. Rediscover the library in February!


  1. OMG, How could I forget the library!!! I am so busy ordering books on Amazon I totally forgot to check out the library since I moved here. Thanks Madeline, is on my to do list for this week. : )

  2. I have a great love of the library. Why? Because my mother took me there as a child. It became a "friendly" place for me. Great advice to all Moms out there!

  3. I love the library! It's one of my favorite places! I am tagging you for the "7 Facts Award". If you would like to check it out and participate, you can go here:


    Talk to you soon! :-)


  4. I am returning the follow through bloggy moms. Thank you so much for stopping. Check out my new release at http://thecryptocapersseries.blogspot.com

  5. Usually the children's section of a library has a librarian stationed nearby to help. It's good you are spreading the word.

    I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award. Here's a link to my post. http://beginningreadinghelp.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger-award.html

  6. My newest love are audiobooks. I usually have about 6 at a time on my ipod, and all from the local library. Love that I don't have to go there in person to borrow. What a great idea for a blog!! I am another Bloggy Mom, and I am your latest follower, as Cedar Hill. Please visit me at http://cedarhillranch.blogspot.com/

  7. Hey there! I'm your newest folloers via voiceBoks and I love the idea of this blog. I am all for reading to my babies. My oldest seems to enjoy me reading to him while he takes a bath. It works for me because he pays attention, being confined to the bathtub! Hope you have a wonderful week.


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